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My name is Karen and I am a mother of 3, homeschooler, hobby farmist, and artistically obsessive doll maker!

We live near Nanaimo in a little town called Ladysmith, amidst the peace and quiet of ocean beaches, cedar forests, and rugged mountain views. Perfect location to become creative and enjoy life, minimizing tv and video games and distractions!  Our family is on a mission, seeking to learn to cultivate our own food and learn natural living skills such as chicken raising, sewing, archery, growing vegetables, soap making, hunting, knitting, canning and preserving… The list goes on as we dabble and try things out for the first time. We were city folk to start after all! There is so much to learn!

I have been a doll making craftsman since 2012, after many years of a variety of crafts and hobbies to enable me to stay at home: scrapbooking, photography, rag quilt making and now doll making! Right now I am selling my dolls on Etsy, which you can find here.

My dolls are all handmade using high quality european knit, are double stitched for durability, stuffed with local wool which I washed and picked and carded myself, have embroidered features using thread and finished with beeswax blush. I use a variety of hair types, from wool to mohair and goat hair. Each style of hair is first crocheted into a cap, and then stitched to the doll’s head, so it is very durable. Each doll is completely unique and full of personality.  I have designed my own doll pattern after researching and testing. But I still like to research and experiment and adjust, so each doll will be slightly unique, but all made with the same care for detail. This is a journey of discovery after all, we have to leave room to grow and change and develop our skills! I also have designed my own clothing patterns after much trial and error, and I love the patterns I have completed! Each doll is a labour of love, both a labour of my hands by bringing a doll to life,  as well as a passion for learning, taking more than 20+ hours to complete each one. You are not only paying for high quality craftsmanship and skill and top high quality materials, but time both in creating as well as learning my craft. Innumerable hours are spent perfecting the skills that I now have, and continue to learn!

My custom doll prices are as follows:

16″ doll $275 US plus shipping. Includes dress and pantaloon set, or jumper, and crochet/sewn booties or shoes. This is a three piece outfit. Hats and sweaters are separate.

18-20″ doll $325 US plus shipping. Also Includes dress and pantaloons, or jumper, and crochet/sewn booties or shoes.

Options for custom orders: I can add ears, weighted bodies using glass beads, freckles, belly buttons, knees…

I can make extra dresses or jumpers for $45, crochet or sewn shoes for $20-25, and can also crochet or sew matching capes, hats, scarves or other accessories on request.

Please let me know if you would like a custom order! My contact is in the link above, or you can message me through my etsy store, wildgingerkids! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!


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