Etsy Made In Canada

I apologize in a truly Canadian fashion, that is not really meaning it overly much, that I have been MIA for a little while. The truth be told I am enjoying my summer holidays with my kids and with the company we have been having. I am soaking up every minute that I can with my kids, as they will be starting school next week and our lives will forever be changed. It is definitely a season of transition for our family, as we go from homeschooling to public school. I have been at home with my children working and teaching for over 13 years now, so entering the work force will be quite an adjustment!

But I DID manage to work within the doll making business of mine a wee bit over the last few weeks, putting together swag bag gifts for an upcoming market I have in Vancouver called Etsy Made In Canada Market, September 23 & 24. This market will be simply fantastic! Very large with many vendor, and loads of fun. And the first people in the door receive a swag bag filled with gifts from the vendors. My gift will be felted wool floral hair clips, along with a colouring page and a $5 off coupon. So if you are in the area, want to come and meet me, and want to have some fun shopping, join us!!


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