Ophelia, Violenta, and Hermione, Wild Ginger Blossoms

Introducing my NEW Wild Ginger Blossoms! This first set are all foxy gals, complete with repurposed ears and tail. My daughter and I decided they need to be named after female Shakespearean characters, hence their lovely names! You will be seeing many more of these rag dolls. All will be made from natural materials like my waldorf dolls, since using natural earth friendly fibres is a passion and a mission in my life. So all Blossoms are to be made of linen/cotton blend, stuffed with locally sourced Canadian wool, and natural wool blend yarn hair and cotton dresses. I am endeavouring to make each one unique, so your little ones will enjoy picking out their favourites. I also plan on making second outfits available, as well as simple patterns for you to download and make your own clothes! But I am getting ahead of myself, FIRST, the dolls!

These three are available in my Big Cartel shop. Have a look and keep watching for regular uploads. The best place to be informed of upcoming releases is through Instagram.


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