Enola, A West Coast Girl

 The name Enola means ‘solitary’, and I think this suits her to a T. This little one has such a thoughtful face. She seems strong and quiet, and very independent. Like one who likes to ponder things deeply as she strolls around nature, hands in her pockets, immersing herself in the natural world around her while thinking of meanings and connections. I believe outdoors is where her heart is, and so I designed her dress with west coast colours in mind – the tidal teal that reminds me of underwater photos of waving kelp forests backlit by sunlight, in a sea of vibrant blue-green.   This is what Enola’s surroundings look like here on Vancouver Island. Rocky outcroppings jutting into a cold and wild ocean teeming with seaweed and life, the land covered in majestic cedar and douglas fir. This is a place where one can find complete seclusion, to be dwarfed by giant trees and the sheer diversity and majesty of God’s creation.This outfit is made from my favourite Nani Iro gauze, with abalone buttons, linen pantaloons, alpaca blend mary janes, and an exceptionally soft malabrigo knitted cowl. This yarn is my absolute favourite: very soft and pliable, with a very deep and vibrant colour to it.

And because she makes the Cowichan Valley around my home her own, and because Enola loves to walk and explore, it seemed she needed a second outfit, this one more functional and indicative of her passions. So I made her linen hiking pants with ‘cargo’ pockets, a simple white shirt, wool hiking boots complete with laces, and a sweater with a Cowichan feel to it. Sturdy and functional clothes are exactly what she needed in these giant and deep woods, numerous burbling streams lined in blackberry bushes, and oyster strewn rocky beaches.So Enola is a 18″ Wild Ginger Doll waldorf style doll, with a lightly sculpted face, cotton interlock body, wool stuffing, and all natural materials. I kept her facial features simple to encourage your imagination, for you to nurture your creativity to give her personality and expression. Her hair was something new to me, it is all natural mohair yarn. The fibres in the yarn are long and soft and have a lot of body, and love to be braided and styled. However the fibres do like to drop and she leaves little hairs on ALL her clothes. For this reason I recommend her to an adult collector: her hair is very durable and play worthy, but I think with too much play the little hairs all over the place might drive a little friend crazy. She goes to her home wearing 2 new outfits, made of all natural materials of the highest quality, with care and attention given to every detail. Each outfit has 4 pieces to it, including shoes. Please see photos for details. If you would like to make Enola a home, and allow her to bring a taste of the wild Pacific coastal air to you, please visit my Big Cartel shop. Thanks for viewing!


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