Skye and Meme

Introducing Skye, my little brown haired, blue eyed, pink wearing little bear fiend. skye-1 skye-3 skye-6 skye-8Skye is sporting a woollen cape, lined in striped cotton, and rabbit fur ears that are the softest to touch.

skye-9 skye-11 skye-13 Why bear ears you ask? Because Skye has an adorable little buddy she calls Meme, that she likes to coordinate her clothing with, and tote around wherever she goes. This little button jointed bear simply loves it. Despite her serious demeanour she has a very big heart. skye-16 skye-17 skye-18 skye-19 skye-21 skye-23 skye-25 skye-26 skye-27 Skye is a waldorf style doll, over 18″ in length, with handspun wool hair in dark brown, with hints of black, navy and even orange mingled in. As such she is of course made from high quality doll knit, stuffed with wool, her head and faced formed in the meticulous waldorf tradition, and her hair is attached via a crochet cap. Her hair loves to be played with and braided, I even toyed with the idea of pigtails, but for the photos Skye pretended she didn’t like them…

We discussed what colour she would like for her clothes, and after several suggestions I agreed with the instagram feedback and thought navy or royal blue would be a simply marvellous combination with her hair. However Skye simply had NOTHING to do with blue! She instead on soft pinks and apricots. I had no idea one little wool gal could be so closed eared and stubborn! But there it is. Naked or pink dress. Period.

SO I pulled out all the matching pinks and apricots that I had, and we agreed they looked quite nice with charcoal grey. And so I made her a pink linen dress, quite long, with ruffled sleeves and three glass buttons on the back. Her pinafore is made from cotton gauze, which crosses over in the back and closes with another glass button. Skye’s hair is so thick, it is a bit of a struggle pulling her arms and head through the pinafore arms, but I made the straps long enough that it can be done, once you learn the trick. Her pantaloons are also linen, a pale lavender to match the pinafore. Her cape is a pattern I designed, like my other clothes, made from new soft wool, lined in striped cotton, with rabbit fur ears and a ribbon closure. Last but not least is her woollen boots, crocheted with a tongue like real boots, which lace up with a black ribbon.skye-29 skye-30 skye-32 skye-33 skye-34 skye-36 skye-37 skye-38Now Meme on the other hand, being a toy for a doll (imagine that!), is made from linen, stuffed with wool of course, since I prefer natural earth friendly fibres, with embroidery floss “claws” (quite gentle though I must say) and face, and a crochet belly made from merino. Her arms and legs are attached with small wooden buttons. She doesn’t like to sit on her own, she very much prefers to be nestled in Skye’s obliging arms. Her cape is made from the same gauze as Skye’s, as you can tell from the photos.skye-39 skye-42 skye-43 skye-45 If Skye and Meme captured your fancy and you would like to make them a home, please visit my Etsy shop to see how the adoption process works. I guarantee you will have many hours with this precocious pair. They are quite set in their ways but with some honey and a awhile lot of patience I am sure you could persuade them to try on a new outfit now and then. They might even learn to like the change!skye-46 skye-47 skyeclothes-1Thanks for joining me here, I hope to see you again soon, this time with a raven haired beauty!


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