Crochet Play Food

Now that Christmas gifts are all unwrapped and being played with in our household, I can share with you the crochet food that I made for our youngest (who also got a kitchen, you can see as soon as I get some good light in our house to photograph!). Many of these patterns, such as the cookies and pies, are free patterns from RAVELRY. Other items I saw online and loved and simply made my own pattern/version. Enjoy!playfooddecember-1 playfooddecember-2 playfooddecember-5 playfooddecember-6 playfooddecember-7 playfooddecember-8 playfooddecember-9 playfooddecember-10 playfooddecember-11 playfooddecember-12 playfooddecember-13 playfooddecember-16 playfooddecember-17


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