I named her aptly I believe, because that is what I had this weekend. In the mad rush to finish making stock, tag and price, inventory, pack, send out orders and emails, advertise, and take care of domestic duties solo as my husband was away, I didn’t think I would be able to pull her off before I leave this weekend for market. But somehow I had grace and was able to produce this lovely little doll.

Her sweet face and charming freckles, her cheerful kind eyes, her lovely quirky multicoloured Wensleydale lock hair, her British style coat and clothing, all conspired to win my heart. After so long not making a large doll (the last ones were in the spring!), I felt a little unsteady as I began her. But my hands remembered what they were to do, and everything came together beautifully. So I introduce to you, very proudly and with my heart filled with amazement: Grace.

Grace, meet the world! I know someone will fall in love with you as I have.

grace-14grace-18grace-20grace-16grace-10grace-6grace-11grace-12grace-4grace-22grace-23grace-25grace-26grace-27Grace is a handmade natural fibre doll, made in the waldorf tradition. She is stuffed will wool, her skin is made of cotton interlock, her hair is wefted wensleydale locks crocheted into a cap and attached to her head. Her eyes and mouth are embroidered with cotton floss, and her cheeks are brushed with tinted beeswax. She stands 16″ high. She is wearing a dress made from cotton gauze, lined with lace, with cotton bloomers underneath. Her booties are made from wool, as is her jacket. I crocheted her scarf and satchel out wool. Her hat I bought from another seller, and is also crocheted. Her jacket has wooden buttons, and her dress has antique vintage glass buttons, both of which are small parts and so not recommended for young children.

I will be bringing her to market this weekend, but if you would like to take her home after that I will have her listing posted in my Etsy shop after December 12th. Thank you for viewing!


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