The Biodiverso’fists!!

caterpillar-and-orb-4 Well our homeschooling year is off to another bang! This year our family is following the BC guidelines to bring more technology into our learning experiences, blended with the ongoing theme of local biodiversity. So my oldest two children and I decided that the best way for us to showcase our experiences with these departments was to start an ongoing blog which we called THE BIODIVERSOFISTS! In it the children have categorized the living things in our area into 6 themes, and we will be photographing, naming, and writing up on everything we find!biodiversofists-screen-shot-1 So far these is just photos, like this little guy below, who we believe┬ámust be a ‘white dotted prominent’ moth caterpillar, due to his unique turquoise back and yellow markings. If this interests you stay tuned and see what my children and I will be┬ádocumenting as the year progresses!caterpillar-and-orb-1caterpillar-and-orb-2caterpillar-and-orb-3