Summer Pocket Buds

I have a handful of pocket buds that I have been working on this summer, check them out! First off is a handful of “Biscuit Beasties” which I used a crazy blue angora for…

biscuitbeastierbuds-2 biscuitbeastierbuds-4

Here is one of the little pigs I made, the rest will be appearing for a Three Little Pigs special one day very soon!budsmothergoose-4

And tis the time of year for butterflies… These little gals all have rainbow stitched linen wings and tiny embroidery floss antennaebutterflybuds-1 butterflybuds-2 butterflybuds-4 butterflybuds-7 butterflybuds-14

And last but not least, my favourite in the night world, little moth gals, with crinkly frayed little linen wingsmothbuds-1 mothbuds-7 mothbuds-12 mothbuds-13 mothbuds-15 mothbuds-16


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