Indian Village

IndianVillageApril-5 IndianVillageApril-8 IndianVillageApril-35 IndianVillageApril-37This is the sweetest and softest and most tactile miniature Indian Village! I am so happy with how these little gals turned out! They have crocheted mohair, which has extra long fibres, little braids, a leather head band and two felted wool feathers on the backs of the bands. Each doll is made from the softest felted cashmere. IndianVillageApril-9 IndianVillageApril-30 IndianVillageApril-28 IndianVillageApril-26One little lady is a lucky Princess, who gets to wear a white dress… She looks especially wonderful in the grey and silver teepee!IndianVillageApril-32 IndianVillageApril-33 IndianVillageApril-1IndianVillageApril-20These little teepees are so sweet, they would work wonderfully for other little critters and dolls too, like my woodland foxes or wolves, or wooden animals! The possibility for imagination is endless! Available now in my shop!IndianVillageApril-12


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