Holly and Loralei, Sisters Playing in the Cherry Blossoms

Holly&Loralei-23 Holly&Loralei-25 Holly&Loralei-30Holly&Loralei-28Holly&Loralei-27Holly&Loralei-28This is Holly and Loralei, sisters of the closest and sweetest kind, who love to run about holding hands and giggling. They approached me this afternoon with smiling hopeful faces, and big wet puppy eyes, asking for me to drive them about and find a cherry tree. When I consented they ran off together, hair bouncing and steps skipping. We drove past magnificent magnolia trees, and brightly coloured daffodils and tulips, in the quest for the elusive last blossoming cherry tree of the spring. Once we found one I could see why they wanted this so badly, for in the canopy it was like a magical world, scented and wispy and beautiful in a fragile curtain of petals. The girls clamoured about until they found their perches, and clung together and whispered their creative stories to one another with eyes full of wonderment.Holly&Loralei-5Holly&Loralei-9 This is Holly, the older one of the bunch, although they are so close in age it would be no fault of your own to wonder if they were fraternal twins. Holly has sky blue eyes and bouncy light brown curls, and is a bit quieter of the two and more likely to follow her younger sister. She is more inclined to grab hands and give hugs and play with hair, always the motherly type who shows her affection and huge heart through touch.Holly&Loralei-2Holly&Loralei-4Holly&Loralei-11Holly&Loralei-12Holly&Loralei-41Holly&Loralei-40Holly&Loralei-39Holly is wearing a floral cotton dress with a layer of pink lace, with cashmere ribbing on the sleeves and neckline, and cashmere underpants. Her boots are wool, lined with linen, with leather laces. And her cashmere hat is adorned with delicate bows to give it kitty ears.Holly&Loralei-37Holly&Loralei-36Holly&Loralei-35Holly&Loralei-34Holly&Loralei-33Holly&Loralei-32And the lighter haired sister, who is a bit more adventurous and outspoken, but no less sweet and kind, is Loralei. She loves leading the way in their fantastical stories, coming up with the setting and listening excitedly as Holly invents her little whimsical characters to place in it. She is the first to climb the tree and the first to get down, but always with a hand out for her sister, because little sisters admire their big sisters so and desire their affection.Holly&Loralei-8Holly&Loralei-20Holly&Loralei-13Holly&Loralei-15Holly&Loralei-17Holly&Loralei-16Holly&Loralei-19Loralei is wearing a woollen herringbone romper with butterfly sleeves and leather and wood accents. Her white wool bunny eared bonnet is lined with linen and the ears with the same print as Holly’s dress. Her boots are brown wool with leather laces too, and she also comes with a feminine pink lace capelet, which she fancies to throw on her head or tie about her waist when she is feeling like play dressing!Holly&Loralei-44Holly&Loralei-48Holly&Loralei-54Holly&Loralei-51Holly&Loralei-50Holly&Loralei-47Holly&Loralei-46Holly&Loralei-45Holly&Loralei-52Holly&Loralei-53Holly and Loralei would love to go to the same home together, but alas I know it might not be so, so I have listed them separately in my Etsy shop. They are both made of cotton jersey and stuffed with locally sourced and processed wool. They are made in the waldorf tradition, and both are just over 16″ high. Their hair is made from wefted mohair, crocheted into a cap and attached firmly to their heads. Mohair is a very malleable and play worthy natural finer, and is very durable. Both girls do have glass and/or wood buttons, and are hand sewn, and so are recommend for children over the age of 5 or adult collectors. Holly&Loralei-42Holly&Loralei-24Holly&Loralei-22Holly&Loralei-18For all of you out east I hope you enjoyed seeing blossoms, in the anticipation that yours are just around the corner! Thank you for taking the time to meet Holly and Loralei. I hope you check back again someday soon, to see what little creatures I will be making next!


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