Marysia and Nutsy Walnut the Third

Marysia-10 Marysia-9 Marysia-7 Marysia-6Marysia has a companion, called Nutsy Walnut, the THIRD mind you, not to be mistaken for other Nusty Walnuts out there. These two have quite the time together, exploring crevices and nooks and hollows in the local temperature forests. Marysia is a watchful and quiet type, who enjoys listening to the birds warble their spring melodies, watching bugs crawl about the forest floor, and sitting by the runoff creeks looking for caddis fly larvae. Her friend Nusty Walnut the Third likes to climb onto her shoulder and chitter in her ear and run all about, inspecting everything and keeping a watchful eye. They make quite a pair, and are a joy to watch together, especially as Marysia shares her peanut butter sandwich with this little guy, watching him lick his little paws… One so quiet and calm and the other so active and noisy! Its a wonder they are friends. But perhaps it is their differences that make them a perfect fit, inseparable.Marysia-19 Marysia-18 Marysia-5 Marysia-4 Marysia-1Marysia was quite taken with listening to the wind blow through the douglas fir, and studying the larval tracks of a beetle under the bark of this tree stump. Nutsy however… well, he ran after an ant and completely ignored this amazing find. But even though they have different distractions, they are very happy to spend the afternoon together!Marysia-11 Marysia-20Wild Ginger Dolls are soft doll handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. Made with european tricot cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and hand sewn attachments. Marysia’s hair is made of wefted mohair, and is crocheted and stitched securely to her head. Features are hand embroidered from french thread and tinted beeswax. Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return! Doll pattern is my own creation. Marysia is 16-17″ tall from her heals to the top of her head, and is very heavy and solid due to all the wool stuffing. Wild Ginger Dolls are recommended for either a collector, or a girl over the age of 5, due to the small buttons, delicate fabric, and the hand sewn nature of its production. These dolls are meant to be played with, but gentleness and love are recommended. Only the highest quality materials are used, chosen for their natural nature and the textures and feel of their fabrics.Marysia-26 Marysia-28 Marysia-29 Marysia-16Marysia is wearing a tunic/short dress made of cotton gauze with little squirrels on it, with red lace trim and straight sleeves and two red glass buttons on the back. Her pants are made from cotton, with wood buttons on the cuffs and waist. Her sweater was made by another Etsy seller, and is wool. Her boots are cashmere and linen. The magnolia flower in her hair is removable.

Nusty Walnut the 3rd is also made of cashmere, with a crocheted mohair tail. He is typical of my Pocket Buds, although as a squirrel he is the first of his kind.Marysia-2Marysia-12 Marysia-8Marysia-15Marysia-22Marysia-23Marysia-24Marysia-27

If you would like to make Marysia and Nutsy Walnut a home, please visit my Etsy shop!


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