Wild Ginger Blossoms


As promised, I have been working very hard these past few weeks on a batch of Wild Ginger Blossoms. I am not used to making so many dolls at once, but these little gals seem to just want to come in groups, there are so many ideas and colours for them I had to make a handful all together.

So what are Wild Ginger Blossoms? They are a line of dolls I am calling Blossoms because they are designed for 3-6 year olds in mind. They are 12″ tall, much smaller than my regular 16 and 18″ dolls, and they have much simpler bodies (limbs are sewn into the body by machine rather than hand stitched on), and their outfits have no buttons and are much simpler in style. They have long yarn hair, because I wanted these little ones to be colourful and bright and tactile, and long enough to braid and play with. Their heads and features are constructed with the usual detailed waldorf methods, and they are made with the same high quality material as my larger dolls. But they are the perfect armful for a smaller person to hold!

This little one is called PEACH. I love how cheerful and bright she is with her yellows and pinks and corals.

blossomsmarch-2 blossomsmarch-5 blossomsmarch-26

This is Camelia, who is wearing a luxurious linen dress with lace border.blossomsmarch-7 blossomsmarch-27

Here is Flora, a little earthy sprite wearing a knitted wool dress and a felted wool floral crown.blossomsmarch-13 blossomsmarch-18blossomsmarch-19

This is Ocean of course, with her frayed cotton gauze dress and seaweed-like ribbons.blossomsmarch-20 blossomsmarch-22 blossomsmarch-30And finally this is Senka, whose name means shadow, since she is wearing a little floral linen wool cat bonnet. Her outfit is a romper with a frayed linen collar with purple ties.blossomsmarch-42 blossomsmarch-44 blossomsmarch-41These little ones will be available in my Etsy shop at 5:00PST Monday March 14th, if you have fallen in love and decided to take one home!


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