My daughter helped me name this little custom doll, and it means ‘beauty’ or ‘illustrious’.This little doll has had quite the attention around here with her soft and silky red hair, and her kind and endearing brown eyes.

Adara came with us to explore some new areas today with my daughters. What a special day it was, the warm sun shining down on an awakening earth, tree buds and grass heads emerging and crocuses blooming, and tundra swans flying overhead on their way up north. It was a magical day and Adara simply loved her first visit outside. I think this little one will have a connection with swans, it seems fitting with all the creams her new owner requested in her clothing…Adara-14 Adara-10Adara-8 Adara-11 Adara-12 Adara-13 Adara-15This little park was special, we were among the grasses at the foot of ancient maple trees in the Cowichan Valley, all draped in waving green mosses, with tundra swans flying overhead, and a calliope hummingbird in a nearby branch singing alluringly to its mate. What a glimpse we had, and the sights we saw! And below we stopped at a nearby beach for a few moments to throw some rocks in the sparkling water. Adara-1Adara-7 Adara-6 Adara-5 Adara-4 Adara-3 Adara-2Just a little side note, Adara is a 16″ custom waldorf doll, stuffed with wool and made in the waldorf tradition. She is wearing a linen dress with lace under skirt and glass buttons on the back, and an eyelet pinafore with ribbon closure. Her booties are cashmere with glass buttons for adornment and linen soles, and her knitted alpaca cardigan is of the softest variety, with a natural wood branch button. Much care and detail goes into each doll that I make, and I choose only the highest quality materials picked for their texture and composition (all natural). You can feel the difference high quality materials make, each doll a tactile journey of the senses. Your fingers can’t help but feel and linger on each article of clothing.Adara-22 Adara-21 Adara-20Adara’s hair is made from wefted mohair, and something about the colour as well as the feel, has prompted several dolls to be made using this same source. I crochet each weft into a cap, and this style can be played with and brushed endlessly, it is very durable, and feels almost as though it is human hair.

Adara has a mom eagerly awaiting her, who helped my envision all her details and make her come to life. She is soon to be headed across the Atlantic, my first doll to travel so far east to a land I have read about endlessly and studied its history. James Herriot is one of my favourite authors and as I just put down one of his books last night, I picture her heading to some green pastures touched in the same golden rays that touched us here today. I wish you ado and much joy in your new adventures!


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