The Warren

Well spring is definitely upon us here on the warm and rainy west coast of Canada. The snowdrops have come and gone, crocuses are bursting forth in various shades of purple and golden yellow. Daffodils are about to pop and rose leaves are budding. And today on my morning walk I saw my first rhododendrons! I love spring, it is so fresh and bright. It took me by surprise this year, especially when I saw that Easter is the end of March rather than in April! Yikes! So in the midst of a couple of custom orders I pulled out my stock of cashmere and made a handful of bunnies, attempting to get the little critters out into the spring air in time to make their long destinations to new homes before Easter weekend..

These little guys are the pocket sized Wild Ginger Buds I made last year for my market, which also come as bears, puppies, frogs and foxes… I won’t be selling many in my Etsy shop. For now just bunnies emerged, with plans for a few new varieties later into the spring and summer as I prepare for next fall’s markets, which I try to reserve these little guys for.EasterPocketBudsBunnies2016-3 EasterPocketBudsBunnies2016-6 EasterPocketBudsBunnies2016-8 EasterPocketBudsBunnies2016-13 EasterPocketBudsBunnies2016-14

I also tried something new with some weighted babies, about twice the size and much heavier due to the glass beads in their middles. These too I will be making in a variety of forms later in the year: skunks, foxes, owls, bats… the list could be endless!But first many more dolls are in order…EasterBunnies2016-8 EasterBunnies2016-2 EasterBunnies2016-1

And lets not forget their little friends, the carrot family… These guys are really overshadowed every Easter. Lets not forget the importance of the CARROT in our spring revelry! Since rabbits must SOLELY survive on carrots alone, as anybody knows (well perhaps chocolate too right?), what would Easter be like without the carrots around to fuel our famished little furry friends??EasterBunnies2016-30EasterBunnies2016-27 EasterBunnies2016-31EasterBunnies2016-28 Head on over to my Etsy shop to have a look at whats available!


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