Feena-16Feena-12Feena-13My little winter girl is all ready to go and play outside. This little one LOVES the snow, such a fickle and fragile thing out here on the west coast of Canada, land of constant rain and fog and cedars. Snow here is like grasping at straws, like an ethereal wisp, you reach out for what you believe to be solid only to find vapour in your hand! But what a lucky girl Feena is, I was able to take her for a snow date before it all disappeared again into the earth, and did she ever have fun rolling around in it and making snow angels and crunching her little boots into frozen droplets from yesterday’s melt. Feena-5 Feena-4 Feena-6You can almost see the smile on Feena’s face as she looks around her to a world transformed into wonder. Such beauty and simplicity, all the details of the bushes and ground covered over in a white blanket! If only she had been with me on my walk the day before, where I alone as though in a sea, a silent world with flakes falling large and beautiful and silent into a mute world whose only sounds were echoes. Almost as though time has been stilled, the flakes lazily wander this way and that as their large crystal wings catch every current in the air. That is my favourite time, and it so very rarely happens. Feena would have loved to have been there I know, for that stillness and solitude speaks to her heart as it does to mine.Feena-1Feena-2Feena-7Feena-9Feena-8Feena-19Feena was given her name by my daughter, who told me it was Irish for ‘little deer’, but upon closer research it also means blonde, and so it was settled. My little timid Feena who loves quiet snowy days that were not meant to last. Feena-11Feena-10Feena-15Feena is a 16″ waldorf inspired wool doll, made as all my dolls are with high quality tricot jersey, stuffed with locally sourced and processed wool, and features sculpted using needle felting, embroidery and tinted beeswax. Her hair is mohair weft crocheted into a cap, so it is very play worthy and perfect for small hands. The buttons on her gauze dress however are not, and are recommended for an older child or adult. The dress is a new pattern for me with straight sleeves (no puff), lace trim and detailing, 6 white glass vintage buttons, and tulle underneath for lift and lightness. The gauze fabric itself has beautiful creams and even shiny silver leaves and flowers. She is wearing camel coloured cashmere pants for the cold, and an angora cowl. Her pixie hat is knit from very soft merino, and her alpaca boots are crocheted and are very very soft.Feena-14If you would like to take her home please visit my Etsy shop! Feena-17Feena-18 Look who else enjoyed the snow! Our bouncy and good natured dog Cooper!Feena-20


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