Hazel-1Now its my chance to introduce you to a special little lady, a Christmas gift to my eleven year old daughter. She wanted a handmade doll from me: a little explorer who loves dressing up like a wolf and running through the woods. She wanted red hair and golden-green eyes. And everything else was left up to me. But I know my daughter and the time spent gazing out the window dreaming about this doll. And so I found it a challenge to match her unspoken imagined desires with my own. I always find it difficult to make dolls for someone I know and love -I feel like everything has to be perfect. I hold myself up to an unattainable ideal and Little Hazel was no exception. It was unavoidable that my daughter would see some of the fabrics I had been working on over Christmas, and so I knew I was on the right track as she admired them. But at the same time this little gal is different than I had first imagined. Her fabrics are bolder and more jewel toned than I usually do and had originally thought. I imagined her soft and feminine, but she came out bold and willful and demanded new fabric selections! And I worked on many new patterns for her wardrobe, which is always a challenge when matched with a time limit… However despite all the difficulties and pressure I felt (this doll will be in our family forever for me to look at and think about) little Hazel was completed and wrapped, and awaited her moment on Christmas day, like me with baited breath, both of us waiting to see if she would be loved forever. And it was all worth the effort! My daughter was delighted when the package was opened, and she gave Hazel her first big heartfelt hug! So with that lengthy introduction, here she is, the strong and brave and independent little Hazel, a confident little companion to take my daughter by the hand through the next few unsteady years to maturity.  Hazel-2 Hazel-3 Hazel-4 Hazel’s hat and tail are made from angora, the softest most fur-like fabric I have yet to find from natural materials (other than of course the real rabbit fur ears that Lotta had several weeks back!). Both the buttons on her reversible wool and velour cape, and her tail attachment, are made from antler. Hazel-5 Hazel-6 Hazel-7 Hazel-10Hazel-8 Hazel-9 Hazel-11 Hazel-12 Hazel-13 Hazel-14 Hazel-16Little Hazel peeking around the bushes to watch the thrush hop through the moss laden branches. Her little wolf tail costume shows beneath her hair.Hazel-15  Hazel-23 I couldn’t resist a few Christmas photos of Hazel beside the frost covered evergreens in her red plaid dress. My daughter imagined her a teensy bit Scottish, so this plaid linen seemed perfect! Underneath is a bright coral coloured gauze layer.Hazel-24 Hazel-20 Hazel-22 Her little red boots are of course made from my favourite Madeline Tosh wool, this one is a delicious shade of ruby red. Hazel-21Hazel-25 Hazel of course needed a linen under dress/ sleeping dress. This lace is so delicate and beautiful, I was delighted to be able to use it for this special little doll.Hazel-26 Hazel-27 Hazel-28Hazel-17Hazel-19


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