Oralia, the First Wild Ginger Blossom

With a three year old at home, and meeting people at markets with young children, I saw the need very quickly for a toddler friendly doll. A doll which can be handled and loved, but one that parents wouldn’t have to worry so much about. So Oralia was born! A new doll style and form that I am calling Wild Ginger Blossoms, dolls that are only 10″ tall, have less hand stitching, all yarn hair, and simple clothes with no buttons, at a price that most parents can afford.Oralia-1 Oralia-2 Oralia-3 Oralia-4 Oralia-5 Oralia-6 Oralia-7 Oralia-8I plan on making many more of these Ginger Blossoms in the New Year, all with bright and cheerful yarn hair, each one unique, but just a simplified version of my bigger dolls. They are very different in form from my larger dolls: simplified hands, machine sewn leg and arm attachments, and feet formed attached to the leg seem rather than formed separately, but still the waldorf head construction to form those adorable faces that everyone loves. These dolls are designed with the 3-6 year olds in mind. If you like Oralia for a special someone in your life please visit my Etsy shop! or stay tuned over the next few months to meet many more little ones like her.


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