Raina was named by my oldest daughter, since her hair is like the rainbow. And I found the name so fitting, she is so cheerful and uplifting! I brought her to a 4 day market over the weekend, and not one of my dolls was picked up and cuddled and hair caressed quite so often as Raina. Those little quirky locks that stick out all over the place, the cheerful smile, and the vibrant and happy clothing all make Raina very well loved.  Raina-7 Raina-8 Raina-9 Raina-10

Raina to me seems like she likes to paint and draw. I picture her dashing about exuberantly painting flowers and landscapes, all with bright and vivid and bold colours. There is nothing reserved about this little gal. She is confident and kind and thoughtful and brave, always with a ready smile and something funny to say. She makes the best of friends for someone who is melancholic like me, someone who needs to see the happy and beautiful in life now and then, and Raina is just the person to share it with and remind you of wonderful things.

Raina is a large and nicely weighted 18″ waldorf style fibre art doll. Her hair is lockspun in rainbow hues, and due to the locks is meant for an older child or adult collector. Her golden-brown eyes are very kind, and are embroidered from cotton floss. Her cheeks are lightly brushed with beeswax, and as always she is made from cotton jersey and stuffed with locally sourced and processed wool. Her cross-over dress has several parts: the over dress closes under each arm with a blue vintage glass button, and is made from Nani Iro cotton gauze with the sweetest little rainbow flowers, and has an apron style front with a pocket for her brushes. She has a chartreuse under skirt of triple layer gauze, and cotton pantaloons of course. Her boots are made of the highest quality super wash wool, as is her capelet. I scalloped the edges of the cape and finished it with a pottery glazed handmade button.

Raina-4 Raina-3 Raina-2 Raina-1 Raina-15 Raina-14 Raina-13 Raina-12 Raina-11If you would like to make Raina a home please visit her at my Etsy shop!Raina-6 Raina-5


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