Evie, A Little Cat Lover

Oh how can I accurately describe the sweetness and cuddliness of this little girl? Her hair is the finest and silkiest alpaca, her angora hat is the tickliest, her corduroy is so soft and fine, and the weight of her wool body in your arms is solid and reassuring like a baby… This little one is simply made for cuddles, or for sitting on your lap and just spending time with you and enjoying the moment.Evie-9 Evie-8 Evie-7 Evie-6 Evie-5Evie loves cats. Thats all she ponders. She pretends she is a kitty and meows about the house and crawls onto your lap with her inquiring soft little eyes. She is a toddler, so she doesn’t have too many words, but not many words are needed for her to express herself.

Evie-4 Evie-3 Evie-2 Evie-1Evie is a 14″ waldorf style fibre doll, made from locally sourced and processed wool stuffing. Her hair is the softest auburn alpaca fiber, which I wefted and crocheted into cap. Her soft corduroy charcoal jumper is decorated with little kitties, and she is wearing a white cotton undershirt with short sleeves. Her boots are Madeline Tosh wool in “cat’s paws” colour scheme of course, and her little mohair hat is crocheted and adorned with little pompoms of wool for kitties to batt around and play with. Her sweater (made by a fellow Etsy seller) is very soft wool made in “lemongrass” which I attached a matching little kitty button to. She is all decked out and ready for this chilly introduction to winter that we are having on the West Coast.Evie-15 Evie-14 Evie-13 Evie-12 Evie-11 Evie-10 If you would like to make Evie a home please visit my Etsy shop!


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