Evie, A Little Cat Lover

Oh how can I accurately describe the sweetness and cuddliness of this little girl? Her hair is the finest and silkiest alpaca, her angora hat is the tickliest, her corduroy is so soft and fine, and the weight of her wool body in your arms is solid and reassuring like a baby… This little one is simply made for cuddles, or for sitting on your lap and just spending time with you and enjoying the moment.Evie-9 Evie-8 Evie-7 Evie-6 Evie-5Evie loves cats. Thats all she ponders. She pretends she is a kitty and meows about the house and crawls onto your lap with her inquiring soft little eyes. She is a toddler, so she doesn’t have too many words, but not many words are needed for her to express herself.

Evie-4 Evie-3 Evie-2 Evie-1Evie is a 14″ waldorf style fibre doll, made from locally sourced and processed wool stuffing. Her hair is the softest auburn alpaca fiber, which I wefted and crocheted into cap. Her soft corduroy charcoal jumper is decorated with little kitties, and she is wearing a white cotton undershirt with short sleeves. Her boots are Madeline Tosh wool in “cat’s paws” colour scheme of course, and her little mohair hat is crocheted and adorned with little pompoms of wool for kitties to batt around and play with. Her sweater (made by a fellow Etsy seller) is very soft wool made in “lemongrass” which I attached a matching little kitty button to. She is all decked out and ready for this chilly introduction to winter that we are having on the West Coast.Evie-15 Evie-14 Evie-13 Evie-12 Evie-11 Evie-10 If you would like to make Evie a home please visit my Etsy shop!


Christmas Market Time!

Here is a few quick snap shots of my market in Nanaimo, going on until Sunday night. Wish me luck!KrisKringleMarket-1 KrisKringleMarket-2 KrisKringleMarket-3 KrisKringleMarket-4 KrisKringleMarket-5


Oh little Violet, has any doll had such a vivid imagination as this little one? Violet spends her days inside, traipsing around the house with her little crown, demanding cuddles and treats like a Queen! Her costume bin is positively overFLOWING with dresses and skirts and hats, relics from her grandmother’s attic as well as an overabundance of costumes from birthdays parties and gifts from well meaning aunts. One minutes she wears her crown and is a princess of the french courts, the next minute she has her tutu  and is a ballerina as she pirouettes around the kitchen. And oh! the stories! How elaborate they can be, as she stares out her window and ponders who her next character will be, what this person will be like and how they lived… This little one will definitely enjoy drama class one day, and historical novels I imagine…Violet-10

Violet-13 Violet-11 Violet-14 Violet-16 Violet-8 Violet-7 Violet-6 Violet-5 Violet-4 Violet-3 Violet is a 14″ waldorf style / fibre art doll. She is a soft doll handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. She is made with european tricot cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean locally sourced and processed sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and has hand sewn attachments. Her hair is made from the curly and dark wensleydale locks that I wefted and crocheted into a cap. Her features (dark eyes and little smiling mouth) are hand embroidered from french thread. Her body is softly but firmly stuffed, giving her a slightly squishy and cuddly feel! Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return! Her cheeks are brushed with tinted beeswax.

Her outfit is made of a beautiful pale plink/purple printed cotton gauze from Japan, which has plum and cream flowers and swirls. The dress is raglan style and has an elastic top with three layers of ruffles on the skirt. She has an underskirt made of ruffled lace with closes with a bow, which can be worn over her dress as though it was a tutu. She also has pantaloons made of white cotton, and comes with crochet shoes made of the highest quality super wash wool, and a crochet peter pan collar. Of course every princess needs a crown, Violet’s is crocheted and made from wool. If you would like Violet to regale you with her stories and spark your own imagination, please visit her listing in my Etsy shop. Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know her!

Violet-2 Violet-1Violet-15

Lotta, A Finnish Girl

As I was wefting the blonde alpaca fibers (and seeing little bits of it weeks later floating around my home!), a vision of a northern european girl kept coming to my mind. Not only am I in love with stories of vikings and european history, absolutely obsessed reading books and watching documentaries and tv shows, but also interested in the modern cultures found in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. They are distinct cultures from one another, I know, but they all hold the same excitement for me and so I lump them all into the same category: adventure. A desire to one day travel and see their shores and forests and mountains. I think it is the rugged strength and desire for adventure that I deem the people of these areas to have, as their ancestors did centuries before. And so this little doll was asking for pale blonde eyes to go with her light hair, and a dress that was simple and straightforward and practical, made for playing and working with no frills. So I chose gauze (my favourite fabric to work with!) and of course linen. But Lotta is also a little girl and so she needed a fun and playful side, a little demonstration of the spirit she has for exploring and playing hide and seek in the woods! So without further adieu I will introduce you to Lotta, my northern girl (who my husband says looks more Finnish or Swedish than Icelandic… but really what does it matter?)Lotta-17 Lotta-16 Lotta-15 Lotta-14As you can see when we ran outside to go for a wild game of hide and seek in our douglas fir and cedar forests nearby, we happened to catch the chilliest morning of the year! It was so exciting to see Lotta’s eyes light up and sparkle as she stopped and looked about her in wonder! I could imagine the white puffs of her breath freezing for a few heartbeats as she took all the beauty and fragility about her in!Lotta-13 Lotta-12 Lotta-11 Lotta-10Lotta-7 Lotta-6 Lotta-5 Lotta-4 Lotta-3 Lotta-2 Lotta-1Hiding in the reeds and bulrushes didn’t quite obscure her from my vision, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her. I pretended that I couldn’t see her and she giggled with delight before running off again to find another clump of weeds to hide in…Lotta-24 Lotta-23 Lotta-22 Lotta-21 Lotta-20 Lotta-19 Lotta-18As you can see Lotta is quite delightful to play with! She is 16″ and very solid, stuffed firmly with locally sourced and processed wool. She is made in the waldorf tradition, and has wefted alpaca hair (made by myself) which I crocheted into a cap. Alpaca is very wispy and fragile and meant for a mature child or adult collector. Her outfit has four pieces, meant to look Finnish or Northern European in style: natural and functional and simple. The blue underdress is made from Japanese gauze, and the outer pinafore is made from linen. The blue dress closes with 2 wood buttons on the back. She has linen bloomers underneath, and comes with crochet wool boots made of super wash wool. Her head band is made from the gauze as well as rabbit fur, with alpaca antlers. Her sweater (made by another wonderful Etsy seller) is 100% wool with 3 deer antler buttons. Please visit my Etsy shop if you would like to make her a home! Lotta-25 Lotta-26

A Complete Wardrobe

My mom came to visit again this past week, and she dropped off another batch of dresses for me to finish and photograph. Many of the dresses I sell in my shop are a collaboration between her and I. She picked out the fabrics and sewed them, I then serge the seams, finish the edges, attach buttons and sew button holes. Then photographing and posting them! Have a look at this new batch of outfits, just in time for Christmas!

dressesNovember-1 dressesNovember-4 dressesNovember-8 dressesNovember-12 dressesNovember-14 dressesNovember-16 dressesNovember-21 dressesNovember-24 dressesNovember-25

Come see me at the end of November!

I am delighted to score a booth at one of Vancouver Island’s largest market, the Kris Kringle Fair at the end of November! If you would like to come meet me and to give my dolls a cuddle in person, please join me there! I will have lots of new dolls as well that have yet to be photographed and posted!kringlemarket

Christmas Pocket Bud Ornaments

Santa and his team of reindeer arrived over the weekend, as I am getting ready for my four day Christmas market at the end of November. christmasbuds-7 christmasbuds-1

And to keep an eye over this group, and add some simply adorable cuteness to the tree, a flock of Snowflake Angels have joined the melee…christmasbuds-3

Bunny Eared Teethers Hopping into Market!

I have great news! I was able to score one of the last spots and one of Vancouver Islands largest Christmas craft markets, the Kris Kringle Market, this Nov 26-29. So if you are local please come and check out my stall, I will have lots of Christmas goodies, gifts, ornaments and stocking stuffers. Here is one set of lovelies I worked on over the weekend, 24 baby bunny eared teething rings. Made with hemp backing, natural wood rubbed with beeswax and jojoba, and each one made with unique quilting cotton in various fun and adorable patterns. These are a one time event, something I won’t have in stock all the time.teethers-1 teethers-2