Wefting Week

I have been wefting all weekend, and its ridiculous how much mayhem this venture causes! Our family has been pulling alpaca fibres from their toothbrushes, their mouths, their food, their eyelashes, their socks… Its amazing how fine the alpaca fibres are and how they float around the house for days despite vacuuming! So I was trying to get it all done at once, and was also trying out and perfecting different methods of wefting. weftsoctober-1 weftsoctober-2 weftsoctober-7 weftsoctober-8 weftsoctober-9 weftsoctober-10I was also wefting Wensleydale locks, which are much easier to work with, and have delightful tight little curls! The purple and pink wefts will one day become forest fairies I am imagining, and the dark weft is reserved for some dark skin tone jersey that just arrived. My imagination is ticking! weftsoctober-6 weftsoctober-5 weftsoctober-4 weftsoctober-3weftsoctober-12weftsoctober-11 So there you go, a little peek into my doll making world, how I changed bunches of loose and dormant strands into strings of perceptible and tangible imaginings (soon to be crocheted into caps!). These lock strands are dolls that are beginning to form in my mind, with personality and expression and will soon become a reality out of the chaos of their separate ingredients.


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