Polly and Cheval, a Horse Hobbyist and Her Friend

Polly, my little horse lover, or shall we say horse hobbyist? Or would that be a hobby horsist…? In any case Polly is VERY serious about horses. She can tell you everything about every breed, and when her nose in not delving through horse books she is out gallivanting around with her hobby pony, Cheval. Cheval is a welsh pony and under that mop of soft and extravagant hair lies a very determined and willful mind, but with a heart of gold. He takes Polly racing about the wilds with no care in the world, his little brows furrowed in concentration and his heart beating untamed in his breast. He gives everything he’s got to the little lady on his back! Polly just whoops and lets her tam fly off and her hair stream about, and allows Cheval to show her how far he can gallop. This is quite a pair to see, bringing a smile on an otherwise damp and gloomy day. Their carefree vivacity is encouraging and strengthening to one’s own heart.Polly-24 Polly-21 Polly-20 Polly-19 Polly-18Polly-22Polly-1There is always time during breaths and headlong gallops to stop and admire the cuteness of a wholly bear caterpillar…Polly-10Polly-9Polly-8Polly-6Polly-5Polly is 16″ tall, and of course made as all my other dolls with wool and cotton in the waldorf tradition. Her hair is mohair weft crocheted into a cap, which is very durable and perfect for little fingers to play with and remove brambles from. Her clothing has three pieces to it: a linen shirt with a large glass button on the back, a green linen skirt with wooden rocking horse button on the front and matching green glass button on the back. And because the weather is so cold I made her a pair of cashmere pants, so soft and stretchy I imagine they are the most comfortable pair of pants IN THE WHOLE WORLD. So her new owner can change up her attire to suit the weather, one day only skirt and shirt, another day shirt and pants, and another day all three at once, like I did. Her boots are of course made of the finest super wash wool by Madeline Tosh, nothing but the highest quality and expensive wool for MY dolls. And her cap was knitted using wool and affixed with a woollen pompom. Her neckerchief (I always laugh and think of my husband calling them thus) has little pompoms for decoration, as you can see.Polly-4Polly-3Polly-2Polly-12Cheval is quite a looker. I like to call him a chocolate palomino but Polly keeps correcting me and informing me he is in fact a “chestnut with flaxen mane”. Oh boy, I am way in over my head. I can give you chicken breed names, but horse colouring baffles me to some extent, especially when faced with an expert. He is made from velour, stuffed with wool, mane made from alpaca-wool blend yarn, and reins made from deer hide. These reins require the lightest touch, since they are so very fine. But due to polly’s buttons and handmade nature of course you know this pair is meant for an older doll or collector anyways, right?! Polly-16Polly-15Polly-14You can tell from Polly’s attire that no corner of her wardrobe should be overlooked, horses must be on EVERYTHING. Including her “chestnut” coloured boots (I can learn, see)!Polly-7So before we bid you ado and wait longingly for someone to make this pair a home, I would just like to inform you that you can see her listing in MY SHOP. And don’t forget I am an Instagramer and you can check her out there too of course, as well as coupons and such: @wildgingerdolls.Polly-13


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