Liberty of London Dress Set

I have always planned on adding regular outfits to my shop, however dolls and tiny pocket buds and pocket kids keep pushing their way to the forefront. Which is fine by me, I love my dolls, and love seeing them come to life. However these little dresses are needed, as existing dolls need a new change of attire now and then! My mom, who is a very fine seamstress, is now retired, and to keep herself occupied and her interest piqued, has begun adding little outfits and backpacks to our shop. The dresses come to me mostly completed, and I merely need to serge the edges, add buttons and buttons holes and other finishing touches, and in cases like this dress I crochet accessories like shoes and hats. Its a winning combination, her fabric choices are beautiful and she has an eye for detail. Here is the newest dress I finished this morning, made from Liberty of London fabric and TWO underskirt layers!! This outfit of course comes with pantaloons, as well as Madeline Tosh wool booties, and a merino pointy cloche pixie hat, with a matching crochet flower. It looks simply adorable on 16″ chubby Polly (who will be making her debut next week, my little horse girl!), although this dress will fit 18″ dolls as well. See my Etsy shop for exact measurements. And check back next week to see Polly and read her story!pinklibertyset-75pinklibertyset-76 pinklibertyset-77pinklibertyset-73 pinklibertyset-74pinklibertyset-70 pinklibertyset-72 pinklibertyset-71


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