Matryoshka Rattles

Little babies need their own dolls too, right? And what better than a safe, colourful, tactile rattle like these little guys…MatryoshkaRattles-65 MatryoshkaRattles-66 MatryoshkaRattles-14 Made from cotton, with little tags hanging off the side for baby to grab, filled with natural wool, with an enclosed rattle that is completely safe just for babies, these are a wonderful gift idea! Each one is unique, some have wool, cashmere or minky as a backing, and each have unique ribbon tags.MatryoshkaRattles-52MatryoshkaRattles-8I have made many matryoshka rattles over the past few years, but this will be the LAST batch: I have used up the last of my fabric and will not be making them again. So get one while you can, they sell fast! Perfect idea for Christmas stockings and baby gifts!MatryoshkaRattles-43


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