Fall Fungi

FIRST DAY OF FALL! Hard to believe summer is over, but you can sure tell with the crisp nights around here. My favourite time of year, smelling woodsmoke, wearing sweaters and boots, cuddling up under a fluffy duvet at night, darker evenings with twinkling stars… It feels like its time to snuggle around a fire and eat all those apple pies we baked, all together with our family warm and cozy, playing games.

Speaking of snuggling, a couple little mushrooms popped up over the week here, and their little acorn friend who fell from the tree. Introducing Amanita, Citrino, and Quercus. MushroomPockeyDoll-19 MushroomPockeyDoll-1MushroomPockeyDoll-18  Quercus is my favourite, I love her rich copper and brown tones.MushroomPockeyDoll-17 MushroomPockeyDoll-9 MushroomPockeyDoll-7 Her little acorn cap is simply adorable, I love all the bumps in this popcorn stitch cap.MushroomPockeyDoll-10

Amanita and Citrino are inseparable, they love rolling around the leaves giggling.. MushroomPockeyDoll-11 MushroomPockeyDoll-6MushroomPockeyDoll-5

MushroomPockeyDoll-13 MushroomPockeyDoll-14 MushroomPockeyDoll-16 MushroomPockeyDoll-15 MushroomPockeyDoll-3 MushroomPockeyDoll-4 All my pocket dolls are stuffed with locally sourced and processed wool in the waldorf tradition. These triplets are almost 6″ high with their fruiting body hats. Amanita’s hat is made from Madeline Tosh super wash wool. Citrino and Quercus’s hats are made from alpaca-wool blend, very soft. Their dress-sacs are made from linen, and their cheeks are brushed with beeswax. If you’d like to take one (or all!) of them home, please visit my Etsy shop.



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