The light is so sweet and perfect, bathing everything in a soft orange glow, a slight breeze blowing the dried summer grasses… Quail scurry about the bushes collecting blackberries and calling. Grasshoppers chirp, and in the distance a raven caw echoes in the air. Who could ask for a better day for a cuddle and some memories to be made with Ellie?Ellie-1Ellie-5Ellie-4

Ellie-9Ellie-8Ellie-10Ellie is wearing the lightest dress made of floral cotton gauze, and an underskirt and pantaloons made of cream cotton eyelets. Her summer sweater is crocheted and made of cotton, and both the sweater and the dress close with vintage blue glass buttons. Her shoes are made from the highest quality super wash wool, with a soft brown silky ribbon.  Ellie-3 Ellie-2Ellie-11Ellie-7Ellie-16Ellie-14Ellie-15

My daughters sure love Ellie, and I have to admit so do I. Sometimes a doll just seems to warm your heart and speak to you. She sits on my mantle in my living room and I cast furtive glances at her throughout the day. Many times in a day I can’t help but pick her up and adjust her hair and her dress and give her wool body a little squeeze. It must be her kind and friendly eyes, or maybe the little smile on her face?

Ellie-17 Ellie-20 Ellie-19 Ellie is a 14″ doll with toddler like proportions. As with all my Waldorf-style dolls she is made in the waldorf tradition, from wool (locally sourced and processed) and cotton interlock. Her features are made with embroidery thread and her cheeks dusted with tinted beeswax. Her hair is very play friendly and is the silkiest smooth and soft wefted mohair crocheted into a cap. This style of hair can be played with and braided, and feels as real as human hair. Due to her small buttons she is recommended for children over 5 years of age or for adult collectors. If you would like to give Ellie a home please visit my Etsy shop. Ellie-18Ellie-21


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