Woodland Critters

I have been almost ecstatic sewing up these little Woodland Pocket Kids this week. I love them so much, I want to keep them!For now they will be sitting on my mantle amidst our elk horns and woodsy finds, at least until they find a new home.WoodlandPocketKids-16 WoodlandPocketKids-15WoodlandPocketKids-9  All these little dolls have repurposed wool/cashmere hats and tails, and fall edition dresses with crochet ties.

Introducing my favourite little one first, Willow, a tiny little barred owl with removable wings.WoodlandPocketKids-6WoodlandPocketKids-22 WoodlandPocketKids-11And this is Sitka, a trembling little shy deer who is most elusive but very sweet.WoodlandPocketKids-5WoodlandPocketKids-10And here is Hemlock, a brave and sweet little bear who gets distracted easily to chase butterflies!WoodlandPocketKids-8WoodlandPocketKids-14This is Cedar, a coy little fox who is all energy! She’s the explorer and instigator of the bunch.WoodlandPocketKids-7WoodlandPocketKids-12And last but not least is a little bouncy bunny called Aspen.WoodlandPocketKids-4WoodlandPocketKids-13Now what sort of woodland momma wouldn’t provide a little bed for these tiny creatures to sleep in? Unfortunately I never thought they might bicker over who gets to sleep in it… I will have to wait and see who it ends up going home with.WoodlandPocketKids-3 WoodlandPocketKids-2 WoodlandPocketKids-1WoodlandPocketKids-27 Enjoy perusing the listing is my shop! And while you are here, don’t forget on Instagram I have a contest for a free doll, seen below, and there is a coupon available like this! summersalegood for all ready to ship dolls and accessories and toys, however excluding any custom orders. Ends August 31. Thanks!


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