Annabelle and Stella

After a long, hot and dry summer, Annabelle was ready to go outside and play in the cooler air that has blown in, but alas the rain clouds came we finally had a good shower to drench the parched plants. However the showers didn’t permit us to take some photos for several days, and the desire to roll around the wildflowers was getting overwhelming! But this morning the sky cleared for a bit and it was simply glorious!Annabelle-1Introducing Annabelle, my summery little strawberry blonde, peaking through the wildflowers.Annabelle-3Annabelle-2Annabelle-5 Annabelle-18 Annabelle-16Annabelle-15 And what is that in her lap? Everywhere Annabelle goes she brings along her little dolly Stella, who are the best of friends and inseparable.Annabelle-14 Annabelle-12 Annabelle-7 Annabelle-6Annabelle-11 Little Stella even has her own wool tick bed and cotton chenille quilt, that Annabelle brings along with her for their will rompings. She just loves to help Stella to have a little daytime nap.Annabelle-10 Some stories and soft singing are in order to lull little Stella to sleep, who seems set on staying up and blowing the bees off of the flowers.Annabelle-8Annabelle-9  Annabelle is a 16″ Waldorf Style doll, made of cotton tricot, and filled with locally sourced and hand washed and picked wool. Her mohair wig was crocheted into a cap and carefully sewn onto her head, and it is very durable and play worthy! Her cornflower blue eyes and little pert mouth are embroidered from thread, and her cheeks are brushed with tinted beeswax. She is wearing a summer dress made from cotton gauze and lined with white cotton, and she is wearing orange and white polka dot bloomers (that match Stella’s bedding of course!). Her chartreuse mary janes are made from the softest wool-alpaca blend.

Now little Stella is a new doll for me, she is 5″ tall and 3.5 inches wide, also made of cotton tricot and wool stuffing, and she has merino wool hair crocheted into a cap and affixed to her head. Her clothing and bedding are also all natural cotton and wool. I will be releasing many more of these little pocket dolls in the next few weeks!

If you would like to give Annabelle and her friend Stella a home please visit her Etsy listing here.Annabelle-17Annabelle-19And enjoy the rest of the summer!



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