Wool Stuffed Doll Bed, Pure Goodness!

Well I was so excited about these little bedding sets that I stayed up late and managed to finish them all off! I am so proud of these little goodies. The smell of wool is delicious, and all the colours are delectable, like eye candy! I actually have a fifth one sitting here as planned, however I ran out of cotton for the mattress, and so it will be released later. Its a similar Amy Butler one to the set shown below…BeddingJuly-18BeddingJuly-2 BeddingJuly-5 BeddingJuly-7 BeddingJuly-9 BeddingJuly-12 BeddingJuly-16 BeddingJuly-4The wool bed is stuffed with 4 ounces of pure clean sheep wool. It was locally sourced from a farm near my home, hand washed and picked by me, and then carded on turn of the century antique carders at a local business called Qualicum Bay Fibre Works. I am so proud of this! A lot of sweat and tears and enjoyment went into the production of this batting. It is the same wool that I use to fill my dolls, the roving that Anna’s machines converted at the fibre mill. If you are interested check out my Etsy listings for details on these four beds. The fifth to follow once I get to shopping for more cotton!



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