Oh Summer!

Who ever said the “lazy days of summer”? Not around this house, and I am sure not around yours either! I love summer, I love the busyness and the checklists getting completed and the family memories and the water fights and the heat. But then when fall comes around I crave the seasonal change that makes you want to go inside and snuggle up under a blanket after a busy few months of accomplishing.

I always intend to have more posts, at least once a week, and I am not one to procrastinate or drop. But I find the busier life the gets the more I have to let go of control, let go of the ability to do everything I would like and to just embrace life for what it is, and accept that I cannot do all that I plan. This is an amazing growth for me: accepting things unfinished and choosing to be joyful about them, even if they aren’t the way I want them.

Here is a perfect example. This is what is new to our family’s lives that is taking up 2 hours out of my day:

Keira Bday-2 Keira Bday-3 Keira Bday-4

This adorable little bundle’s name is Cooper. He is what we call our God-Dog. Close friends of ours brought him home at 5 months, and just knew he wasn’t for them. They phoned us up one day and told us they had our dog! God had put our family on their hearts, and they trained this little guy up (he’s a Wheaten/Aussie cross, aka a Whoozie, or I guess more appropriately a Waussie!) who had never in 5 months been out of a crate, seen grass, been house trained, been around many people or for a walk… EVERYTHING was new to him! And they trained him up and brought him over on the ferry and gave him to us! What a blessing! He is an amazingly smart, gentle, sweet and patient dog, naturally submissive and loves to play. But… of course every rose comes with his thorns and he keeps us busy barking at the neighbours dogs and grabbing our underwear and running around the house with them, and chewing our lego and pretty much everything else in our home, and putting his dirty little feet on our countertops searching for food… . However life with a dog is worth all these little trials and quarks. And lets not forget to mention the mess. That sweet little wheaten hair drags EVERYTHING into the house. So there we go, chalk one up for growth again for me, for letting go of control and letting go of MYSELF, and accepting the change to a not as clean house, and accept hairy dust balls and dog drool on windows. With the dog of course comes avid Pinterest searching, and my eleven year old daughter and I joined forces and produced these grain free dog biscuits among others (would they then be Paleo, haha?!) from this site Primally Inspired.

garden2015-3But other things keep me busy too, and this I love too! I look forward to being a grandmother one day and having a giant garden I can liberally dispense home grown veggies to our children and their families! For now I had to let go the idea of having an acreage like we used to rent, and move to a home with a normal sized yard and a couple of raised beds. I can dabble in gardening and growing, and say that I am learning how to garden so that one day my dream garden can come true. garden2015-4 garden2015-10 garden2015-9 garden2015-7 garden2015-6 Our head sized butter lettuce ball!garden2015-5 And this enormous zucchini plant! Its hard to show how big it actually is, but its roughly double the size of our rhubarb plant! Over 5 feet wide!garden2015-12 Just look at all the zucchinis we are getting! Tonight zucchini chips will be made… garden2015-15

garden2015-14 And with all these veggies comes cooking and chopping and washing, and of course, dehydrated KALE CHIPS! This is one of our tried and true Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips from Little Green Dotgarden2015-1 And then we tried these new ones, Blackberry Coconut Lime, and they are like candy! So delicious! Of course we have oodles and oodles of blackberries around here on the West Coast. Our 2 year old’s mouth is always purple when we go on walks. We will be making blackberry jam later this week, but for now, kale chips from Fragrant Vanilla. garden2015-2  And so in the midst of going to swimming holes and the beach, building fences, training an over sized puppy, disciplining and teaching children, growing and watering veggies, and all the usual hum drum of daily life with groceries and cleaning and band-aid dispensing and hair brushing and floor sweeping, and Dr appointments and phone calls, I am desperately trying to squeeze in time for sewing! My newly retired mother sent us a few dresses she has been working on, and I finally made little pantaloons for them, and sewed button holes and such.  Here are a couple of them newly added to my Etsy shop. bluedress-1yellowdress-5I have also been making 5 bedding sets and should hopefully have them in my shop before the end of the week… And of course my little strawberry blonde 16″ doll who has been waiting ever so long for her accessories. She is all dressed and ready to go and waiting for her little dolly to appear! Thank you for joining in and taking a peak into the wonderful mayhem of our life, and joining with me in living day to day and letting go of things that don’t matter! Like dog drool… Join me later in the week if you like to take a look at those bedding sets.


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