Little dolls, Waiting…

Its been a bustle of activity here in our home, trying to finish up our homeschooling for the year, plant our little garden, visiting dear friends… And in the midst of all this I am rolling roving into heads, tying string and needle felting cheeks, tracing patterns, carefully and slowly sewing and stuffing bodies, hand stitching finished dolls, crocheting wefts, and looping yarn. Its been so satisfying to make adjustments and try new things and to watch whole little personalities emerge as the dolls are completed. And now I have 4 little ladies waiting ever so patiently for their clothing…springdolls-1

One little 18″ has stood out in the forefront, demanding good naturally to be completed first…springdolls-2

I love her round little cheeks and upturned face, and little smiling mouth. She looks so eager and cheerful! But you will have to wait and see her later… She is so inquisitive, helping me pick out her fabrics.springdolls-3

I think these are the prints and the colours…springdolls-4

And apparently she thinks the new merino shawl isn’t too shabby! She has to wait though, I am not quite finished! Some intricate edging is in store for this ladies’ wrap. You need to keep warm in the forest searching under leaves and beside streams.springdolls-5 springdolls-6

Well alright, here is her little face. springdolls-7I hope this little post finds you excited this spring about changes and new beginnings. There is so much in life to be joyful over. For me creating these wonderful little gals after so long of a break from doll making, after a turbulent year of moving and change, allowing myself to take the time to imagine their stories and traits, and being creative again and to be stretched in my imaginings, it has all been a wonderful replenishing experience. I cannot wait to show you what is growing and emerging this spring in my indoor fabric garden!



2 thoughts on “Little dolls, Waiting…

    • Thanks Stef! Soon, very soon. Trying to get an order out now and then work on her, and then its the long weekend and hopefully camping… *sigh* All I want to do is sew sometimes, no distractions!

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