The Advent Jesse Tree Project Part 3: Day 17-25

Day 17: Prophesy of the Suffering Servant -a cross


There are so many things to do for crosses. So I just had to sit back and think about what I had already, and what I might try to make this different from the other ornaments. And the decision to make this cross stitch came from my dear friend Stefanie, who gave us a lovely cross stitch table cloth for my husband and my 15th Anniversary gift.

Day 18: Prophesy of the New Covenant -heart  with writing


This one stumped me a bit until I saw heart glass ornaments to Michaels. I wasn’t sure what to do with them and had to research ways of decorating clear glass ornaments, and there is a LOT of creative people out there! The feather idea appealed to me, and I wrote the bible verse on a piece of paper and rolled it into the centre. Its hard to see the feather in the photo, but I just had to find  small one and chose brown with cream and orange.

Day 19: Prophecy of Bethlehem -Bethlehem silhouette with star


By husband cut some deadfall into thin pieces for me, and I dried them over the heater vent over night to season them (make a few extras, some warped and were unusable). I then drew my picture with pencil, used watercolour to paint the sky, and black acrylic for the silhouette. Gold acrylic made the star and highlights. I sealed it with a jojoba/beeswax finish I had bought a year ago on Etsy.

Day 20: The Exile -fiery furnace


I decided to use felted wool and opaque gold ribbon to create my little flames. I cut the pieces into squares about 3-4″ in size. I found I had to tie my squares together with metal wire very tightly, I didn’t want them falling apart while little fingers explored them. These would look great with some glitter!

Day 21: Return to the Land -brick wall


My second Fimo ornament, this time I used the brick from our Playmobil to create the pattern! Voila!!

Day 22: The Star


Like the cross this was another one that I could have done innumerable things for. But I have a special place in my heart for tin smithing. And I wanted to mix in another element: I already had wool and fabric, wood, glass, stone, and now I wanted a bit more metal to this collection. So I discovered the talents to Foiling Star on Etsy and she custom made me 6 little pointed stars. In hind sight now that I have read Dean Lambert’s book The Advent Jesse Tree I realize I should have made these FIVE pointed. But alas I was thinking of the line of David and had ordered them as 6 points. Nevertheless, minor details, they turned out beautiful, albeit delicate. These bend very easily but I love the turn of the century style rustic-ness.

Day 23: The Light of the World


I love vintage German ornaments, and found these on Ebay, although Etsy has some as well. Finding the beeswax candles were harder but I lucked out a few days before these were to be mailed, at a little store in Nanaimo.

Day 24: Angel’s Proclomation


I will say I am a HUGE fan of Fig&Me dolls. Fabs is a great inspiration for me, and if it wasn’t for her blog and her skills I don’t think I would have ever started making Waldorf dolls in 2013. So I give her the unknowing credit for these little angels. I love her Pocket Babies, and so I played around with some paper until I got the pattern how I liked it, and made these little babies using Waldorf methods of rolling and needle felting the heads, wrapping in doll skin, and blushing with beeswax. The body and hat are so soft and fluffy, made from an angora sweater. While I can’t provide a pattern because they are her invention, I would suggest looking into how to make dolls if you are interested, it is a very rewarding journey for me!

Day 25: Birth of Jesus


I had two inspirations on Pinterest for the little baby Jesus. Crafty Sisters and mamadothat on Etsy inspired me to mash my favourite parts together and form this little guy. I found I needed to wire a clothespin on the back to attach him to the try. Hanging is another option but I thought this was easier and a bit different from the other ornaments.

Thank you for joining me as I showed you my Advent Jesse Tree! I wish you much inspiration in your creations! I would highly recommend adding this advent into your Christmas month, it has brought so much joy, delight, discussion, contemplation and realization. Without discussing why we celebrate Christmas as a christian family, we would be lost in presents and decorations parties, and miss the true meaning. This was a lovely routine to add to our dinners, and just seeing our kids anticipation as they opened each package, and watching them find a place for it on our little tree was very satisfying.


4 thoughts on “The Advent Jesse Tree Project Part 3: Day 17-25

    • Oh about 3-3.5″ wide. It really doesn’t matter too much, you just want it big enough to see but no too big because it would then be too heavy for the tree branch, and also an unnecessary amount of work to paint it all! Thanks for your question!

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