Christmas Buds!

I have always loved Fig&Me’s beautiful little Weebabies, but could never get my hands on one they sell so fast! And my kids and I simply adore them, they are so beautiful and sweet! So for Christmas gifts I decided to try my hand and making my own, and I can’t stop squeezing them! I know my kids are going to be delighted. Have a look!


My youngest wanted a little fox, so I had a cashmere sweater  left over from the wool longies I make in my store.   gingerbuds-2gingerbuds-1

My oldest wanted a black cat, and she loves pink so I added some accessories to this one.

gingerbuds-5 gingerbuds-6

And our middle boy wanted a grey wolf! This little guy is made out of merino.

gingerbuds-8 gingerbuds-7

I have a special request from my husband to make a Max from where the Wild Things Are, so stay tuned I should have that little guy completed before Christmas. I will also be posting the last of our Jesse Advent Tree ornaments, as soon as we finish opening them!


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