The Advent Jesse Tree Project Part 2: Day 8-16

Day 8: Moses and the Ten Commandments -tablet with ten numbers


This was easy, I simply bought some Fimo and rolled it out, shaped it and added numbers with a toothpick and baked

Day 9: Canaan -cluster of grapes


I thought of using stone beads for this and shaping it into a cluster using copper metal wire, and it worked out great! I had green wool felt that looked nice as the vine leaf as well.

Day 10: Ruth and Boaz -sheaf of wheat


Fairly straightforward, wheat from Michaels tied together with raffia and ribbon to hang.

Day 11: King David -a slingshot


Another straightforward one, but I had to enlist our kids to help find forked pieces of deadfall in the backyard! I used leather for squares and while my husband scorns it for not being practical (heehee) it IS an ornament and doesn’t need to shot any rocks!

Day 12: Josiah Finds the Law -scroll or bible


I opted for scroll instead of bible since that it how the word would have first been written. So I found some scrapbook paper that had words on it, but them into 3″ strips and inked the edges, rolled them.

Day 13: Prophecy of the Shoot -stump with new growth


Felted wool, stuffed with my own hand washed wool. I just invented my own pattern, 2 circles for the top and bottom on which one I embroidered rings, and the sides I made with a rectangle. The root was 2 triangles and a third smaller one for the base. The new shoot was 2 small rectangles and 2 leaves. Stitching was a common blanket stitch.

Day 14: Lion and the Lamb Prophesy -lion and lamb


This was a tough one, I wanted to practise a new skill, and so I made very simple felted wool balls that look enough like a lion and a lamb to make one happy! I could have spent loads more time on them and added adorable and life like detail, however I had many more ornaments to make on a time limit!

Day 15: Prince of Peace Prophecy -dove and crown


Again wool with blanket stitch for the dove. I used Lavender’s Blue Design pattern, but I just shrunk it when I printed it to about 2.5 inches long. The crown I crocheted using a rough golden wool I had on hand: 25 sc, slip to join into a ring. *sc 1, 2hdc, 2dc and ch 1 on tip, then 2dc, 2hdc and sc 1*. Repeat 5X. Then *slip st 1, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1 with ch 1 on tip, hdc 1, sc 1 and slip*. Repeat 5X

Day 16: Gentle Shepherd Prophecy -lamb and staff


This was fun! I had lots of silky and soft alpaca around, and wanted these little gys to be soft and fluffy. So in dark brown, but you could use white or cream, 1 formed a ring (I do it by chaining 4 and slst the last to form a ring). Then working in rounds I sc 6 into ring (6), Then increased next round to 8, then 10, another 10, then 12, then another 12, then 16. Then to finish I alternated sc 2 and sc2tog until 6 remained. Then I stuffed and finished. They look a little like cones. In white I then just made a  chain about 6 long and sc this into the body every couple of stitches every second row. The legs I used the apple stem from day 1. And then ears were just little circles made by creating a ring and stitching about 6 sc into it. The staff I used a pipe cleaner about 4 or 5 inches long, and sc along it. Chained one and turned, then made 4 more rows. So a large rectangle is hanging off the side of the pipe cleaner. I then rolled this crochet rectangle around the pipe cleaner and formed a tube, and using a needle stitched it together with yarn, making sure to add some stitches on the ends to cover the pipe cleaner end. Then I bent it to look like a staff, and sewed it with yarn to the side of my sheep!


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