Crochet Dragonfly Slouchy and Mens Beanie with Ribbing

crochethats-1I wanted to share some Christmas gifts I have been making for my family, perhaps to inspire you. This first slouchy has a beautiful dragonfly pattern, which is a brilliant piece of genius created by Tara Murray. I bought Arroyo dk weight yarn before reading the pattern, which calls for lace weight, but I gave it a go anyways. This beautiful Malabrigo yarn in English Rose has such beautiful colours to it!  Having never worked with this wool before I was so impressed by how soft and pliable it is, but is so easy to work with! It isn’t as stiff as MadelineTosh but is every bit as easy to create with, and has added silkiness. You can get the pattern from Ravelry, find the pattern here, it is worth the little bit of cost she charges for such a well written and sweet pattern. It worked pretty well with a heavier weight yarn but I think it is missing some of the delicacy it should have, had I used the proper weight. Still beautiful none the less and my oldest daughter will love it! (My youngest who is two is sporting it for me to keep it a surprise!)

crochethats-2crochethats-4 crochethats-5crochethats-3

This second pattern is a beanie shape I made up using a half double crochet and adding ribbing for the bottom 4 or 5 rows. I used MadelineTosh in Whiskey Barrel, a wonderful mix of steel, rust, wood, and iron, at least to me. I love the hints of metallic colours embedded in it. Perfect for the man who is going to be receiving it! crochethats-6 crochethats-7



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