IMG_7546IMG_7552Well I have discovered how wonderful little boy dolls are! What a joy this little man was to create! Finn is another 18″ custom doll, although he came out around 20″ in the end with big feet! His auburn locks were a new skill for me, creating large continuous loops  rather than snipping and looping individual strands. And when he was made I stared at his adorable needle felted cheeks and just knew he needed some little ears to complete him, which was another new thing for me. I love ears!IMG_7540

IMG_7535  IMG_7540aFinn seems like he yearns to explore, so he needed a little buddy to be found on his adventures: something for some good hearted mischievous jokes on his family like a little frog on the kitchen table! So this little guy was needle felted to go along with him.

IMG_7543  IMG_7549His felted wool hat was a necessary thing, it added to the somewhat timeless feel to this little guy. Finn could be a little boy in the mid 1900s trudging behind his mother while she shops in an English village, or in Saskatchewan last year romping the prairies with his dog and exploring the sloughs!… The stories behind Finn could be endless!

IMG_7551  IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7557


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