Madeleine’s New Dress

Madeleine found a new home for a little girl this Christmas, which is quite an amazing story since this little girl drew a doll exactly like her for her wish list! So the new family approached me and asked me to make a blue gingham Appalachian dress to match the girl’s drawing. So here is the result of the girl’s imaginations!

MadeleineDress-1 MadeleineDress-2 MadeleineDress-3


Custom Papoose Backpacks

unicornbackpackset-1 Four little girls are going to be extremely happy this Christmas!! I completed a custom order today for four unicorn print papoose backpacks, one colour for each little girl in this family. How sweet are these?!unicornbackpackset-2I do have a small handful of papoose backpacks in my Etsy shop if you are looking for your own Christmas ideas. Have a great week!


IMG_7546IMG_7552Well I have discovered how wonderful little boy dolls are! What a joy this little man was to create! Finn is another 18″ custom doll, although he came out around 20″ in the end with big feet! His auburn locks were a new skill for me, creating large continuous loops  rather than snipping and looping individual strands. And when he was made I stared at his adorable needle felted cheeks and just knew he needed some little ears to complete him, which was another new thing for me. I love ears!IMG_7540

IMG_7535  IMG_7540aFinn seems like he yearns to explore, so he needed a little buddy to be found on his adventures: something for some good hearted mischievous jokes on his family like a little frog on the kitchen table! So this little guy was needle felted to go along with him.

IMG_7543  IMG_7549His felted wool hat was a necessary thing, it added to the somewhat timeless feel to this little guy. Finn could be a little boy in the mid 1900s trudging behind his mother while she shops in an English village, or in Saskatchewan last year romping the prairies with his dog and exploring the sloughs!… The stories behind Finn could be endless!

IMG_7551  IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7557

Crochet Pinecone Pattern and Christmas Giveaway!


Well its time, you are all thinking of making little Christmasy gifts for your loved ones because you love to SHARE your wonderful skills! Well look no further! Last spring I found on Pinterest crochet pine cones that I fell in love with  from the wonderful Froken Maj blog. However the trouble is when I translated it, the english was so messed up! So after much trial and error I managed to figure the pattern out, or at least as close as I could that seemed to work, and I crocheted like mad and managed to finish a number of ornaments that I will be giving to some of my besties this year (hopefully they aren’t reading this… or maybe they will think they get one and will be disappointed when they don’t! I need to create SOME confusion here!)

So here is my lovely little ornaments. I crocheted them using a wool-alpaca blend and so they are sooo soft and lovely!

pinecones-2 pinecones-3 pinecones-4 pinecones-6

And here is the pattern for Froken Maj’s pattern, translated by me for your enjoyment! Please note this is NOT my pattern, it is from her blog, I am merely helping you read it!

Free download PDF

Pine Cone Pattern

And to make you all wonderfully delighted, I have one of these lovely ornaments to give away!!


You get one entry per activity below:

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So thats 5 chances to win per person! Starts today Nov 17th and draw will be Dec 1st! Good luck!