Summer Idleness

Alright I have a confession to make, after our move the end of July I have pretty much done NOTHING this past month. The move away from our country heritage home and gardens and chickens, to a slightly unsettled transition period on the coast has been quite a mental adjustment. I just needed some de-stressing time enjoying the summer with our kids and thinking of pretty much nothing, and having no deadlines or pressure. So the month of August was spent learning to kayak the estuaries with our kids, going for almost daily rigorous bike rides, walking every night along the beach and streets of our temporary neighbourhood in the pink hues of late evening… This has been most refreshing! Now that homeschooling is back in gear these past 2 days I feel a renewed excitement to begin regular life anew and start again.

I DID try and dabble a bit in work. I pulled out some of the wool I have ready to card, and for an afternoon started the process of converting lumps of wool into properly aligned batts ready for stuffing. Earlier in the summer I received no less than EIGHT white sheep fleeces and 2 white alpaca coats gifted to me, which all had to get skirted, picked, washed, dried and packed up before we moved. Well now I have 4 giant rubbermaid bins full of work to do! But this is all for the good, I am excited to have dolls with wool from locally sourced flocks, and it excites me that I have my own touch into an even greater part of their production! Here are a couple snapshots of the ancient wool carder I am using. I am dreaming of a newer one perhaps one day, however with a house purchase in the near future I don’t know if this will ever happen… but its nice to dream!

IMG_9920 IMG_9922 IMG_9923 IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9931

And I also decided to use a bit of my time to learn how to knit, something I have always been interested in. My grandmother is an amazing knitter, and her gifts to our kids, her great grandchildren, will be passed down to the next generation, I truly treasure them. Knitting is much harder than I imagined, but it has been fun to stretch myself and continue to learn new and challenging things. Here is a sneak peak of what my knitting basket looks like today… I have a little northern girl planned in greys and purples and creams and I have begun work on her lacy silk shawl.



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