Rory 1 Year Cake Smash

Well as some of you know, before our youngest came along I had a photography business for number of years, until homeschooling and parenting made our family revisit the notion of both of us working and the effects on quality time and such. In order to actually spend valuable time with our rapidly growing children, we decided together that I would let go of the photography business so we could have evenings and weekends back as a family and make some memories, and I have never looked back!

Making this choice was actually remarkably easy, since I love to learn new things, and quilt making for my WestCoastQuilts shop took off, however in true Karen fashion I soon got bored of that! Sewing thousands of squares together can get a little tedious, although I loved all the fabrics and I loved seeing the finished product! On to new things, clothes for my oldest daughter, then bibs and costumes for my WildGingerKids store… And then I discovered waldorf dolls, and as they say, the rest was history. I was hooked, the challenge was like a lure for me, I felt I had no other recourse. There were too many things to learn, and overcoming these challenges invigorated me!

But now and then photography comes along and nips me, especially with my family. Not only is it important to photograph your kids, life demands it, but it forced me to pick up my camera again at times when I just felt camera burnt out. And this was a good thing, sometimes we all need a little push. Technology has changed in the last couple of years and I love instagram for this, since I can take a quick shot to document my kids or life or things I see, and they require minimal effort but I can stretch my photographic creative muscles. I know the quality is not there but hey, it is fun, quick and documents in an artistic kind of way…

But having a photography business had many benefits too when I look back on it, and along my photographic journey I made many friends, one of whom we ended up living across the street from eventually, wouldn’t you know! So my friend/new neighbour asked me to take one last set of cake smash photos for her son, since she loved the ones I took of her daughter a few years before. So of course I had to say yes, and in the midst of preparing for a move I managed to scramble together my photography equipment and spend an enjoyable morning taking these fun photos. I love cake smashes, they were and are still my favourite! So with no further ado, a revisit to my photography life with a wonderful and cheerful yet mess-wary little man named Rory!

RoryCakeSmash-20RoryCakeSmash-4 RoryCakeSmash-29 RoryCakeSmash-23 eRoryMixTitleRoryCakeSmash-66RoryCakeSmash-83

Short but sweet, his family gets to see many many more photos. I just thought some of you would love to see these! Enjoy your weekend, I’m heading out camping!