Kit and Her New Clothes

My little foxy Kit found a new home, and her new family asked for some outfits to be made. A romper in green corduroy and a dress and shirt set. Here is what I created! Enjoy!

KitOutfits-1 KitOutfits-2 KitOutfits-3 KitOutfits-4 KitOutfits-6 KitOutfits-7 KitOutfits-10


Homemade PlayDoh

It was our youngest daughter’s second birthday last week, and I needed some ideas for birthday gifts. Our family has had a mission this year to give primarily handmade gifts. We appreciate the time and thought that goes into something hand made by those we love, and we also like to support artisans and craftsman alike. So not all our gifts are handmade by me or my husband, some are made by other people. This has been a very exciting and rewarding mission, discovering how much is actually out there not just on Etsy and other sites, but also at local farmers markets and craft fairs. So I had bought her some wonderful hand died play silks, some little Shroomper mushroom dolls and I made her a little tree house out of felted wool. My husband repainted and gave our vintage Schwinn tricycle a new look, complete with mahogany back step! But I wanted one more little thing, and playdoh was the perfect thing! My oldest daughter and I had an immense amount of fun discovering how fun and simple play doh it is to make!

Playdoh-Blog-4Playdoh-Blog-2I used this no-cook recipe for the dough, and I am delighted with it! The only thing I changed was that I used essential oils to add delicious smells to each colour.

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tbsp cream of tartar

1 tbsp vegetable oil (I used olive since thats all I had)

1 cup boiling water

5-10 drops Americolor Gel Color

5-10 drops essential oils (patchouli, lavender, sweet orange, peppermint and ylang ylang)

All you do is mix up the dry ingredients, add the water, and knead on a flour covered surface. When thoroughly mixed I made a dent in the middle, added the colour and scent, and manipulated until it was thoroughly spread. Apparently this recipe lasts for at least  month, and it is not sticky or gooey or dry and doesn’t leave your hands dried out and cracked.Playdoh-Blog-3I wanted to thank my good friend Marie at for giving me these awesome vintage jars that were just perfectly sized for the amount of dough. They look AMAZING!Playdoh-Blog-1