For Micheline, a soon to be named custom 16″ doll


Doll making is quite a journey, it is difficult and a struggle sometimes when things don’t work out and stitches have to be torn out and redone, or new heads made over and over again until it is just the perfect expression, and it is also amazing and surprising when you are finished and look back and realize that YOU just created this little being somehow! All the pieces came together and the final product is before you and fills you with wonder!

I am learning that some dolls in particular are difficult to make, almost a struggle for them to come to life, and I guess that is how some babies are naturally too! Other dolls explode to life and rush into my sewing room like a whirlwind, with a mind of their own and forcing their way ahead of everybody else! One of these little fireballs will be available next week, she is demanding to be dressed and released before I get to my next custom order, she is a bit pushy!

But THIS one, this little beautiful doll, took me soooo much longer than I expected to make! She is a custom order for a very dear and patient friend, my photography mentor from many years ago, and perhaps it is that relationship with her new owner that made the process slow. I love my friend dearly and I want her doll to be absolutely perfect! And while every doll I make is the best that I can produce at the time, I still agonized over every little detail, and little decisions like which fabric I should use and what should the outfit look like, will my friend like my fabric choices, and do her little cheeks have enough wool or do they need more needle felting, are her limbs a wee bit too long, all these little choices moved at a snails pace… My friend gave me free reign, all she wanted was a blonde doll with long hair who is 16″. Well that leaves a LOT of decisions to make! I want this doll to be special! Do I create an outfit that I know my friend will LOVE the colours, or do I go with my inner artistic urgings and let the doll choose for me? Let her speak to me and guide me?

Well the result is exceptional, I am so proud of this little one! Her face is adorable, almost elven with her little high cheek bones and fine features. And her romper is perfect!




Her hair is hand wefted alpaca, the first of its kind for me, and I love the result. It takes much more time to lay out all the fibres and place them perfectly, and sew them together (especially when your children don’t see them and run through them, sheesh!!). Then the weft is crocheted into a cap with little tiny pieces of heavenly alpacas fibres floating around the house and tickling your nose! But look at the hair, it is soooo soft and silky and has a beautiful sheen to it. This kind of hair is for an adult or older child only, it cannot be brushed or fondled too much, even though its hard to keep your fingers off it, it is so incredibly soft and silky




When I look at this little doll I imagine her to be a bit quiet and watchful, very smart and dreamy and thoughtful. A little bit aloof and a little bit regal, a little bit delicate and not wanting to get her hands dirty, but with a strong iron core to her soul. Her story is yet to unfold as she explores her new home. She will be joining Emer, an Irish doll I made last summer, and she will be a model for some delectable knitted and crochet clothes my friend creates. Have a look at her store, A+ Jewelry and Crafts,  to see some of her art! Micheline is very creative and very talented, and I am excited to see what those wondrous hands will create!



I am also delighted that I will still get to see this little doll every year when we go to visit. It is extremely hard to let this doll go into her box to be mailed, I feel like I put heart and soul into this doll with all the sweat and tears that went into her! But i know she will be much loved and well cared for in a home overflowing with creativity! Thank you Micheline for your artistic free reign and patience and support!



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