Thyra1 Thyra4

Thyra’s colours remind me of the west coast in the spring, all grey moody skies contrasted with bright yellow daffodils and forsythia. It reminds me of faith: with the spring comes the hope for summer, the belief that something better is just around the corner, all cheerful yellows to break the dismal grey clouds. I imagine Thyra’s personality to be that way, eternally optimistic and looking for the brighter days ahead. She is strong and perseveres, always focused on the good in life.


Thyra loves the beach. On this particular day it was sunny, spring bringing forth long wild grasses from the sand, washing up winter oysters and clams to the shore, wild migrating birds seeking shoals of fish offshore in a noisy tumult of splashing water and high pitched cries. Curiosity brought her to a driftwood fort away from the breeze, its wonderful to explore all the corners and sand pockets!

Her outfit is my favourite so far, it is hard to sell it! She comes wearing a cotton grey and yellow and white dress set, with many layers and patterns sewn together in vertical stripes. Her sleeves are short, and the dress closes with 2 clear flower shaped glass buttons on the back. She has bloomers underneath, and comes with Madeline Tosh grey crochet shoes with vintage iridescent glass buttons, as well as a yellow wool sweater (which I didn’t make but purchased from a talented Etsy seller: everything else was made by me).

Thyra9 Thyra11

Have a look here in my etsy store to learn more about Thyra!


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