Samara6 Samara1 Samara2

Samara, my little gypsy wanderer! Traveling to distant beaches and mountains and meadows. An afternoon on a windy day here she discovered little spring purple flowers growing in the crevices, and lay watching the clouds for most of the afternoon. Everything is new to her and exciting! Samara is a little day dreamer, dancing to her own tune, in her own head much of the time imagining herself in tales. She loves stories and music and dancing! And sweet fruits… Little Samara loves figs!

Samara4 Samara3

She comes wearing a cotton gypsy inspired dress set, with many layers and lots of twirl for dancing! It has long sleeves, a lace trimmed bib adorning her bodice, and coral glass buttons for closure on the back, and an extra layer for petticoats underneath with cream coloured lacey layers. She has a coordinating pair of bloomers underneath. Her boots are brown velour lined in matching cotton, also with matching glass buttons.

Samara9 Samara5

If you like Samara have a look here in my etsy store for more information!


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