Oooooh Madeleine, she has been sitting here naked since before Christmas, waiting patiently for her clothes, like a little angel staring at me wistfully, trying to hint at me at every opportunity that perhaps now is the time to get sewing. Slowly I was able to work on her after a heart breaking January of helping our best friends pack and move across the continent. Then a long wait as our family went on a delightful vacation to Puerto Vallarta! Then visits with family, homeschooling, chores, meetings… all seemed to get in the way. But, eventually her beret and boots appeared, then her dress, and FINALLY her cape. She is all ready to go on some big adventure now! She cant wait to go and see the world!




Madeleine is an intriguing doll. She is my most satisfying so far, one you can barely believe your hands created: her body shape, her neck, her adorable face. She took on a life of her own as I was constructing her and dreaming about her. I never would have guessed she liked ruffles and ribbons. She loves petticoats, diamonds (well sparkly things anyways!), chambray, and soft fine things to wear about her. I fancy her as being somewhat spoiled, but she is so patient and sweet she is a bit of an enigma. She seems a bit well to do but practical and adventurous, perhaps a little like Mary Poppins when I think of a comparison! Madeleine is a little young lady, I imagine from France, on her way to SOMEWHERE fanciful. She has her suitcase already packed!


madelieneb3 madeliene6 madeliene3

Madeleine comes to her new owner wearing a dark grey chambray dress with lace ruffled skirts and cotton pantaloons. It closes with two large vintage glass buttons from Israel. Her buret is a soft pink-lavender made from alpaca, wool and linen, and is very soft. Her mary janes are also an alpaca wool blend, with a vintage glass button to close. Her cape is made from wool with a surprising teal striped cotton lining, and black velour trim on the collar.

Her hair is very unique. It is made from a slightly coarse and catching red mohair boucle, a bit rough to the touch but very thin strands, so it gives a unique feel to the touch. It is super long and easy to style, and has been attached via a crochet cap to her head. As always my dolls are stuffed with wool, made from cotton interlock, double stitched, have hand sewn attachments and features, and are made of the highest quality. She is 18″ in size.

So if Madeleine speaks to you and you decide to take home and make some memories with her, you can find her for sale here in my store.


Thanks for viewing and God bless!


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