Crocodile / Dragon Scale Stitch Cowl

I needed to share this with you, it was a Christmas gift I made for my daughter on her request. Its a “crocodile stitch” cowl, although she would rather call it a dragon scale stitch, since she adores dragons. We used the washable and delectable Madeline Tosh wool in “spectrum”, also my daughters choice, which looks lovely with the scales! With the eggs I made for Daenarys, a pine cone ornament I made for a friend, and now the many many many many hours I put into this cowl, I have become a pro at them, haha!




If any of my you lovely ladies would like to learn how to do this crocodile stitch, there are infinite videos on you tube for such, or here is a visual of instructions as well: Crocodile Stitch. Just be warned it takes a TON of wool! I used 3 skeins of Madeline Tosh for this one, and it took me probably 10 hours or thereabouts to make this. But it is beautiful and will be treasured for many years! Thats how I can justify the expense… 🙂  Have fun!!


4 thoughts on “Crocodile / Dragon Scale Stitch Cowl

  1. This is gorgeous! Do you sell your pattern for this? Also, may I please ask what weight of wool did you use? I NEED to order some because I know several people who would LOVE this.

    • Hi! For the pattern I just searched video tutorials on how to make a crocodile stitch, and then I just made it as wide as I wanted and as long as I wanted… For the weight I believe I used madeline tosh dk weight. Thanks for your thoughts!

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