Mairi, the Naturalist

There is something about Mairi…

Mairi is a naturalist. You can scarcely keep her from going outside, she needs to explore every nook and cranny of our farm. Chasing the chickens, looking under leaves for garden snails, lifting rocks for ants, taking her nature book and looking up bird species. Its no wonder her hair is so wild and blown about! It was with great wonder that she discovered a robin egg in a nest that must have blown down from an aspen tree during a storm. With what wonder she cares for this egg and listens to it, waiting for a tell tale chirping!



Mairi is a soft doll handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. She is made with european tricot cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and has hand sewn attachments. Her hair has been crocheted as a cap and each strand applied individually, and is made of 8 ounces of lockspun lincolnshire locks. Her features are hand embroidered from french thread. Her body is softly but firmly stuffed, giving her a slightly squishy and cuddly feel! Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return!


She comes wearing a beautiful blue and yellow wool plaid dress with a cross-over bodice, petal style skirt with attached underskirt. The dress is reminiscent of a kilt, with a modern twist, and has a wooden button on one side for adornment and adorable puffed long sleeves. She has matching white bloomers as always, as well as crochet wool mary janes in the delectable Madeleine Tosh wool.

Mairi also insists on arriving to her new home with her robin egg and nest, crocheted from wool by me and stuffed with wool.


You can take Mairi home following this link to my Etsy store.


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