Christmas Hands, Busy Toy Making!

I have been very busy the last few weeks, making doll bodies and sewing hair, embroidering features, watching personalities emerge. I now have four beautiful ladies staring at me, waiting patiently for clothes and shoes! So much to do, amidst making Christmas gifts and school! Alas they will have to wait a little longer…

My first doll to arrive, very shortly, will be Daenarys Stormborn. After reading the Game of Thrones and watching the series on TV, I was inspired by her beauty to create my own version! Her clothes and boots are currently being crocheted and cut and sewn, and her eggs have been lovingly produced and are awaiting their box. Here is a sneak peek:


I love how the dragon scales turned out! (Now my nine year old daughter wants a dragon scale cowl!)  Daenarys cuddles them protectively in the corner, her long platinum tresses keeping them warm. I would have had a photo of her beautiful soft long wool hair but my camera ran out of batteries. *sigh*

I also have a curly yellow haired Scottish gal staring at me excitedly. She doesn’t care that she is naked! She is passionate about one thing: she is a naturalist, and has a blue robin egg in a nest she found fallen from a tree after a storm, and she is lovingly nurturing and studying it, eagerly awaiting the day it will hatch! She wants to show it to me every chance she has, her hair wildly flying about.


So stay tuned! Red haired french Madeleine in her lacey school dress and black mary janes, toting  her dolly, as well as two 16″ winter sisters with deliciously soft and springy wefted mohair locks are also on their way, soon after Christmas I would think!


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