I had a hard time picking Lilly’s name. Her colours are green and yellow, so I know she loves daylillies, but then I saw a photo of a beautiful jasmine flower that was white with yellow in the middle. But the name Jasmine didn’t seem to suit her… In any case this little one is very sweet, loving flowers of all kinds, and especially those oh so rare warm sunny evenings in the fall where the light slants through the falling golden leaves and stretches across the pasture.





Lilly is a soft doll handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. She is made with european tricot cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and has hand sewn attachments. Her hair has been crocheted and is made of 8 ounces of handspun llama and mohair blend locks. Her features are hand embroidered from french thread. Her body is softly but firmly stuffed, giving her a slightly squishy and cuddly feel! Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return!


She comes wearing a beautiful sunny yellow floral eyelet dress with layered ruffle white underskirt. The dress closes with two vintage iridescent glass buttons in the back, and has adorable puffed sleeves. She has khaki linen bloomers with a ruffle, as well as crochet wool boots and an alpaca shawl to keep her warm on chilly days! She has a matching crochet flower hair tie with a ribbon for her hair.


Lilly is recommended for either a collector, or a girl over the age of 5, due to the small buttons, delicate fabric, and the hand sewn nature of its production. These dolls are meant to be played with, but gentleness and love are recommended! Her hair needs special gentleness because of the weave and fibres, which will unravel a bit with too vigorous of play.

She is for sale on my Etsy shop here if you would like to take her home!


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