Summer is very cheerful and vibrant and sunny! She loves sitting on the porch and watching the world go by on those warm summer evenings, watching the bees and the clouds. She is an avid tree climber and loves to jump and skip. She loves gardening and lilies!

Summer is an unusual size, as I was trying out new body patterns. She is a slim and rag doll like 17″ soft doll (stuffed firm) handcrafted in the waldorf tradition. She is made with cotton knit, stuffed with pure clean sheep wool, double stitched in body and limbs, and has hand sewn attachments. Her hair is her best feature, with so much colour and depth! It has been crocheted and is made of over 4 ounces of handspun merino wool in yellow and glimmery corespun wool and silk blend in rainbow hues! She has a LOT of hair to style! Her face has been hand embroidered from french thread. Her body is firmly stuffed, but still cuddly! Her wool stuffing brings warmth with touch, like she is giving a hug in return!

She comes wearing a beautiful raglan style linen dress in yellow, white and cornflower blue. She has white linen pants, and the both the dress and pants are edged in yellow polka dot bias with crochet edges. I made a kerchief as well to keep her hair from blowing to wildly in the breeze as she plays. She also comes with a heathered grass green crochet sweater and mary janes made by my great friend Micheline at A+Jewelry and Crafts here on etsy.


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